Consumer Benefits

Consumer Benefits

Whether you need simple advice on common health concerns or a prescription for your child’s pink eye, RediDoc is there for you 24/7.  Empowered members have access to US board certified, licensed physicians, dietitians and fitness experts to answer all of your medical questions confidentially and conveniently.

Our doctors will evaluate and diagnose minor and sometimes even major medical problems or provide second opinions.  If necessary, appropriate medications will be prescribed directly by the consulting physician. Members can access RediDoc from their home, office or really anywhere with the internet or a phone line. No hassles waiting at the doctor’s office or an Emergency Room. You’re just a mouse click or phone call away to having your own personal medical team help you monitor your healthcare efficiently.   All RediDoc health plans maintain patient confidentiality and conform to HIPAA guidelines.

RediDoc members receive the following benefits:

  • Quick Access to U.S. based, board certified, licensed physicians, dietitians and fitness experts
  • Convenience of receiving medical attention at home, work, or travel destinations on your schedule.
  • Save money consulting with doctors instead of paying costly in-office co-pays or doctor’s visits.
  • Quality care from doctors who can provide consultations, recommend treatment and write prescriptions when appropriate.
  • Receive continuity of care with detailed reports for your primary doctor or another care coordinator, so your healthcare can be seamless!
  • Everyone is accepted.  There are no denials on pre-existing conditions or co-pays!

RediDoc’s helps members reduce healthcare claims, out-of-pocket expenses, the use of emergency rooms or urgent care centers and the time wasted waiting days or weeks for a Doctor’s appointment. Personalized and confidential health care access is is a just call or click away.