RediDoc securely connects patients with U.S. based, board certified physicians for medical consultations via telephone, secure video, and secure email. RediDoc telehealthcare is affordable and convenient access to healthcare every day of the year, anytime, and from anywhere.

Diagnostic Consultations

Physicians will perform detailed consultations and diagnose for common conditions. If necessary the physician will develop a treatment plan, which may include prescription medication.  It is easy for members to schedule their diagnostic consultations online or by phone to then receive a call from a network physician usually within 24 minutes. Diagnostic consultations are only available by telephone and live video.

Informational Consultations

Physicians will normally answer these general informational consultations within one to two minutes as these consultations are more general advice.  RediDoc will answer all secure email informational consultations usually within 30 minutes or less.

When To Use RediDoc

In many cases, a visit to the doctor’s office can be avoided, saving time and money. Our goal is to make sure you are equipped with all of the tool and resources you need to reduce the cost and frequency of in-person consultations. Part of that effort involves the delivery of care for a growing list of common conditions by U.S. based and licensed network of physicians via telephone, secure email, and live video.

Below is just a partial list of common conditions:


Electronic (Cloud Based) Medical Records

Electronic medical records give you and your physicians a centralized, HIPAA compliant and very secure place for your medical history.  This also allows for continuity of care between our physicians and a members primary care provider, thus simplifying your healthcare management.   Members have access to all consultation notes, treatment plans and records, which may be easily shared at anytime with a primary care provider.

Discount Lab Panels

A variety of lab tests can be ordered and administered in your home. A physician will be available to discuss your results.

  • Diabetic Panel (Hgb A1C, Cholesterol Panel, Glucose)
  • Men’s Basic Panel (Glucose, Cholesterol Panel, PSA)
  • Women’s Basic Panel (Glucose, Cholesterol Panel, TSH)
  • Weight Management Panel (Hgb A1C, Cholesterol Panel, Glucose)
  • Aging Male Panel (PSA, Testosterone Level)