RediDoc is convenient and affordable healthcare access that offers you and your family peace of mind. Especially in the middle of the night or if you have a simple question that should not require an in-person office visit. With RediDoc, you can easily connect 24/7 with our U.S. Board-Certified Physicians who can help you with a wide range of common or not so common medical issues like aches, pains, rashes, bites, infections, stress or just wanting to stay healthy. Most members love the convenience, but they also notice an immediate decrease in the number of times they visit their doctor, urgent care or ER centers, and this amounts to significant annual savings.

PLAN Pricing

  • Activation Fee
  • Informational: Advice,
    Second Opinion
    (immediate connection)
  • via email
  • via phone
  • Diagnostic:
    (Average Physician
    Callback within 23 Minutes)
  • via phone
  • via video
  • Schedule a Consult
    Around Your Schedule
  • Access to All
    Physician Notes
    and Recorded Calls
  • 24/7 Access to Licensed
    Physicians in your state
  • Prescriptions (see RX policy)
  • Personal Secured
    Member Portal
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Account Setup Assistance
    (with our toll-free number)
  • No Denials!
  • No Applications!


  • $19.95

  • $35


  • $19.95

  • $35


To speak with a representative
please call: 888-321-1440

“Network Physicians will evaluate, diagnosis, and develop a treatment plan that may include prescription medication. Maintenance medicines may be prescribed when a member is in transition to a new insurance plan or doctor and are usually limited to a thirty-day supply. RediDoc’s network physicians do not write prescriptions for DEA controlled substances, life style medication, birth control or anti-depressants. For a current list of DEA controlled substances click here.

Employer and Group Rates Available

Program pricing and availability subject to change and based on applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Currently, phone and email consultations are available in all states except OK & MO. Video consultations are subject to state availability.  All medical treatment recommendations and advice, including the ordering of prescriptions and lab tests are according to applicable state and federal law, and only when medically appropriate. DEA controlled substances are not permitted. *Testing not available in NY, NJ or RI.Note: See full terms and conditions for more details. For more details see “Plan Terms & Definitions” or Call 1-888-309-1666 to speak with one of our friendly RediDoc representatives.  All healthcare plans cover the entire immediate family and dependents up to 25 years old.